Be safe!

Emergency calls

Number of the rescue service: 112
If you call 112 while having a Czech mobile network you will directly reach a Czech control center, if you have a German network you reach a German control center.
Please safe the number 0049 851 19222 on your phone so can call the emergency call center Passau although having Czech network. If you do not have any network at all, you are only able to call 112.

Be prepared and take care

We want you to enjoy your hiking trip. To make it a stress-free hike, please stick to the following advices:

  •   Plan your stages according to your fitness and skills. Take your time. Pace yourself and make enough breaks.
  •   Some stages are very long and not everywhere refreshments can be bought. Make sure you always have enough water and snacks with you.
  •   Dress appropriately. Make sure you will be protected from rain and cold or sun and heat.
  •   Be prepared for meteorological surprises, cold snaps in the mountains might even occur in summer.
  •   Equip yourself with appropriate hiking boots. Make sure your ankles are protected and the soles have a good profile as it especially after rain the roads might be slippery.
  •   Especially in autumn stones, roots, bumps and holes can be covered by leaves.
  •   Adapt your behavior to the meteorological conditions and to the condition of the soil.
  • Check the weather forecast daily.
  •   Be especially careful on natural paths.
  •   Always take care of yourself and other hikers to make your Goldsteig-tour a pleasant trip.

We hope you can enjoy a lot of sunshine and relish beautiful hiking trips!