Projekt 500 Miles

 Race Information

The Projekt 500 Miles is a private/invitational ultra running event that courses over the entire Goldsteig, the longest (660KM) and most diverse hiking trail in Germany. Please see the Goldsteig link for further information on the trail.

projekt: 500 der höchste Punkt des Ultralaufs der Große Arber

Start and Finish

Projekt 500 Miles starts in Marktredwitz at the Meister Bär Hotel heading in the general direction of Passau over the Goldsteig North Route and returns along the South Route of the Goldsteig. The finish finds itself in Thanstein im Krämerhof Kulz.

Race Date and Time Limit:
The Projekt 500 will start on 28 SEP 2014 at 1200 in Marktredwitz. The event closes on 5 OCT 2014 in Thanstein. Event time limit is 168 hours.

Course Distance:
According to current information on the Goldsteig trail the trail measures 660KM. It is however possible that this distance could be longer or shorter by ten percent based on currently available measurement data. The course covers at least 30,000 meters of elevation change.

Event Organization and Requirements:
Each participate is responsible for his or her own support. Individual support from friends, family or others is possible in the form of a Support Team. However, support teams are not an event requirement as individuals may organize and coordinate their own support system, individually. The reasoning behind this style of support is based on the simple principal that each runner has his or her own requirements and rhythm.

Runners must provide and use their own individual GPS device for orientation and each participant must carry a functional smart phone. A smart phone is a critical component of a participants navigation system in that they may be used to capture and manipulate QR codes along the route. Software for QR codes use and applications are available through free app downloads in the internet. QR codes will be used to confirm that a runner has followed the actual assigned route. These QR codes serve as a virtual check point and total approximately fifty along the overall route. QR codes also allow participant’s fans and support teams to determine where a runner is along the course. QR codes also help us ensure that the course route is traveled on foot (run or fast walked).

Organizational Support for Participants:

  • Hotel accommodation including dinner and breakfast before the start.
  • Hotel accommodation and breakfast at the finish.
  • Organization of and race support for a central collection point in Schönberg-Grafenau in the event of race withdrawal including pick-up service and one overnight stay with breakfast in the Hotel Antoniushof.
  • Provision of a GPS track.
  • Participant Shirt
  • Finisher Gift
  • Hiking trail map and guide book.
  • Luggage and equipment transport from the start to finish and a central collection point in Schönberg-Grafenau.
  • Required and recommended packing list.
  • Additional information, resources and services as planning proceeds.

The Running Shop WAT Läuft will provide one pair of Hoka running shoes at a 50% discount to all registered participants. Every qualifying finisher will also receive a pair of Hoka running shoes as a finisher gift.
Each participant will be required to sign a liability release form prior to participating in this event. Every participant is responsible for himself/herself during the course of this event.
Further Information:
Projekt 500 is an event that is currently taking shape with over a year’s worth of planning available. Relax, take it easy and look forward to many surprises!

Event Registration Cost:
199 Euro

Registration is open now via e-mail to
Registration is final as soon as the associated registration fee is received by the organizer. Fifty percent of your registration fee will be refunded if withdrawal occurs sixty days prior to the start. No refunds after that date.
Registration closes on 31 DEC 2013